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That's what the sign is saying there. Whenever Myre enters a new town, she lets Varug off her reigns. It's a normal habit that both Myre and Varug acquired over the years of traveling together, and one which Varug gets a chance to roam around the plains freely on her own for a while. Unfortunately for this town, she proves that mounts, especially dragons, should be guided on a leash or reigns. Does Myre give a damn? Of course not. xD

I really missed drawing Myre and Varug while preparing for the next spinoff comic, "Haunter of Dreams", which plays in the same universe Yria.
Thank you all so much for supporting my work! I'm so happy that those who got the first volume enjoy it so much, and that some have even read it twice already! <3

You can finally buy my recently published first volume of my graphic novel series, "Myre - Chronicles of Yria" at: , and learn more about Myre and Varug.
I ship worldwide and every week. :>
Thank you for looking!